Somehow out of a sudden a situation develops into conflict.

Avoiding maximum escalation

Manage conflicts constructively


Mediation in brief

Your conflicts can be deescalated and solved.

  • All stakeholders develop and agree upon a solution with practicability in your daily life.
  • Ideally you agree on all relevant steps including milestones.
  • Your results will be saved in writing.
  • Reality check: all people involved check by themselves, whether things are working out.
  • Adjustments can be developed and agreed upon at any time.
  • In the future there will be less conflict potential.
  • New difficult situations can be managed more easily.

How you start

Mediation can take place in any location or online.


First talk:

  • You will describe your situation.
  • Your will get dfirst information what is going to happen during the mediation.
  • You decide taking your time, whether you belive in mediation as the right process for your conflict.

All further details depend on your personal situation:

  • We will talk about, which persons are important part in your conflict. They will be included in the process.
  • You will get a first proposal what kind of process might suit your conflict-resolution.
  • Jointly we plan the time frame.

Once all stakeholders are informed and ok with the process, the mediation can start.

Typical Causes for Conflict

You might come across conflict during your individual coaching sessions:

  • You plan to put your ideas from coaching into action.
  • Other people need to be involved.
  • In case the contact to those people is somewhat disturbed, it might be an idea to clarify the situation by using mediation elements.

Conflict in your nearest personal environment

  • Complaining customers
  • Colleagues or members of your team who always develop their own rules of collaboration.
  • Manager avoiding exchange.
  • Different teams do not collaborate.
  • Business partner constantly disagreeing.

What is in for you?

If you

  • instead of ignoring conflicts or making light of them, explore, understand and deal with them,

you may

  • reach your goals.
  • avoid future disagreements regarding the same subject.
  • understand conflicts as part of your daily life and face them in a more relaxed way.


  • Positive impact on your personal well-being and the working climate of your team.
  • More success for you and your team.
  • More time for more relvant parts of your life.

Fragen und Antworten

How to book a time?

Our first meeting is about to get to know each other. There are no costs involved. Please click here:

to book a time


How long soes it take until meditaion will achieve results?

The length depends on compleaxity of your case. Between 3-8 hours are a resonable first estimation.


I do not want to see my conflict partner, if I am talking to you, decribing what is bothering me, how do I manage? 

Mediation can take place in different rooms art the same time. The technik is called shuttle mediation. I will be going back an forth until you decide to see each other.



What does it cost?

After our first exchange I will five you an estimation regarding length and costs of the process.

Can we do mediation online?

If it helps the process online is an option. This will always be discussed and agreed upon by all parties involved. A combination of both can also be a possibility.


For further questions please click on FAQ.

For further information please contact me:


Ulrike Demuth Teamdialog und Mediation

+49 152 561 502 83