Eye-Level Communication



TEAM- and  1:1-Coaching

Being prepared for the near future

V - Volatility 

U - Uncertainty

C - Complexity

A - Ambiguity

  • Working virtually: Communication, Consultation, Exchange, Reliability
  • Resilience: Dealing with excessive demands from technology, online, lack of contact
  • Strategy: What will the future be like? Digital | Presence | Hybrid?
  • Growing demands for managing TEAMS: Perceiving the TEAM, motivating, and coaching
  • Changing requirements for all TEAM members: More personal responsibility and self-motivation
  • Internationally diverse TEAM structures: Different cultures and non-native speakers - collaborating successfully together
  • Dynamic environment: Extreme flexibility and adaptability
  • Rapid developments: Mobilizing all of the TEAM's skills, constant change and transition
  • New tools: Which ones support the need for more moderation, visualization, structure? Hybrid environment - How and when to use

Your Needs

  • Understanding each other
  • Working well together + purposefully
  • Supporting mutually
  • Identifying key issues
  • Concentrating on  key relevant topics
  • Working together as a TEAM to create practical, actionable, business-relevant solutions
  • Knowing your business goals and purpose as a TEAM and act accordingly
  • Flexible, just in time appointments

Important to Know

  • Consulting is based on daily team activities.
  • Transparency for everyone.
  • TEAM members may be coached 1:1 in parallel on request
  • Online | Presence | Hybrid Consulting
  • German | English 

What to Expect

  • Pragmatic approach
  • Openness, clarity and fairness as key basis for all communication
  • Simplify the complicated
  • Getting to the point in a structured manner
  • Addressing inconveniences
  • Advice based on practical experience 

My Motivation for the TEAM

  • Time is precious.
  • Practice suits me.
  • Personally, I value approaches, which can be implemented immediately and easily into my everyday work.
  • Sustainable: instead of short-term actions, I prefer long-term development processes which accommodate flexibly tomorrow's needs.
  • That's exactly what I'm working on with the entire TEAM. 

What can be part of Team-Coaching:

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